Way back in 1962, Eulogio Rodriguez Elementary School (ERES Unit 1) catered to Grade One learners. The creation of this unit allows this small group to become an established public school in Mandaluyong.

Mrs Angelita Vera Cruz was designated as the school head signaling the start of various changes in this educational institution. The initial four-room school transformed into a building to be able to accommodate a complete elementary education. Upon Mrs. Vera Cruz’s appointment as the principal of ERES Main, Mrs. Matoto assumed the leadership for this unit.

In 1978, as a new school was established, Doña Pilar C. Gonzaga Elementary School, wherein 20 of ERES 1 teachers were transferred to the new school including Mrs. Matoto. The change in leadership for the unit involved Mrs. Ligaya Sarmiento as the new head teacher for ERES I. With this development ERES 1 remains as a unit of its main school.

The continuous growth of learners, ERES I needs to transfer to a new place that could accommodate all of its learners in a conducive place for learning. This change came into the leadership of Mrs. Erlinda Celestial, as she pushed for an independent school having its new identity.

Finally in 1985, after its transfer to the former KADIWA Center (now Mandaluyong Manpower) in Barangay Addition Hills, ERES I was named Andres Bonifacio Elementary School (ABES) in honor of the Katipunan’s Supremo, Andres Bonifacio who have been in touch with the Katipuneros in Mandaluyong led by Gen. Kalentong (Vicente Leyba) and Laureano Gonzales.

The little school caters a complete elementary education under the leadership of Mrs. Emelinda Osilo, Ms. Josefina Anselmo, Ms. Ruth Bautista, Mrs. Gregoria Ignacio, Mrs. Evelyn Sto. Tomas to Mrs. Wilhelmina Bautista.

With the continuous growth in population and security issues, ABES needs a big school that will cater learners in a multi-level of education.

On July 30, 2001 with the enacted Republic Act No. 9144, Andres Bonifacio Elementary School was converted into an integrated institution as part of the legacy of Senate President Neptali A. Gonzales Sr and with the collaboration of Mayor Benjamin “Benhur” Abalos Jr and Congressman Neptali “Boyet Gonzales.

Since the inauguration of the new building, school leadership continues to address the booming number of learners. From Dr. Juanita P. Valle, Dr. Evangelina A. Diaz, Dr. Evelina P. Barandoc, Mr. Henry A. Sabidong and to its present school head, Mrs. Olivia L. Pagurayan

With the start of the K to 12 Program (Republic Act 10533) or Enhanced Basic Education of 2013, the additional two years in high school means additional number of classrooms and teachers.

The school leadership then asked the assistance from the SDO-Mandaluyong headed by Dr. Nerissa L. Losaria for the additional facilities that will cater the Senior High School learners.

Another collaboration from the local government was made for the batang Mandaleño as Mayor Benhur Abalos and Congressman Boyet Gonzales provided equipment and facilities for ABIS Senior High School.

In 2017, a turn over ceremony was initiated for the additional facilities that includes ABIS Mini Hotel, Cookery Laboratory, Technical, Drafting and CAD Laboratory and classrooms for the SHS students.

Before the end of his term, Congressman Gonzales spearheads the groundbreaking for the new ABIS Senior High School (SHS) Building. The construction of this edifice was executed during the term of then Congresswoman Alexandria “Queenie” Gonzales.

Last August 2019, a 37-classroom building was inaugurated by Congressman Boyet Gonzales for the Senior High School learners. This new building is besides the Population Commission (PopCom) building and a few meters away from ABIS Main Campus.

To date, ABIS housed more than four thousand learners; 74 Elementary teachers; 81 Junior High School teachers; 19 educators from Senior High School and 35 Non-teaching personnel.